Four Principles of Caregiver Survival

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Family caregivers are among the most important and underappreciated workers in the nation. Countless families across North America make untold sacrifices as they take on vital responsibilities that make a difference in the lives of their aging parents, grandparents or relatives.

Family caregivers undoubtedly help older adults survive and thrive, but they can’t do it without ensuring their own survival. Luckily, the factors of caregiving success have been extensively researched. Don’t just wing it, rely on advice from the Caledon home care experts at Home Care Assistance. Here, we’ve outlined four key principles of caregiver survival.

  1. Plan for the Future – There are many arrangements to make as adults get older such as wills and estate dispensation. Much of the stress of family caregiving can be avoided by planning these arrangements as early as possible. The American Institute of CPAs has an excellent guide which family caregivers can use to get a head start on a slate of important end-of-life decisions.
  1. Do Your Own Thing – Caregivers who continue to do the things they want to do, like maintaining an independent social life and hobbies, are happiest, researchers say. Primary caregivers should reserve time to themselves to recharge their batteries. Getting in this habit is a pillar of sustainable caregiving. Click here to learn more about reliable part-time home care in Caledon, ideal for respite and relief.
  1. Itemize and Delegate – You don’t have to do everything yourself. Wherever possible, involve other family members or friends in caregiving tasks. Before requesting others’ help, simplify the process by determining your senior’s specific caregiving needs. Some adults need help with bathing and food preparation; others need social interaction more than anything else. Itemize these needs and delegate responsibilities accordingly.
  1. Seek Outside Help – If your relatives and friends are too busy to help out, use a professional home caregiver service to free up personal time. A quality agency supports both caregiver and elder independence at the same time. Professional caregivers can assist to ensure quality care is provided while you are away, helping with meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation and so much more. Having an in-home caregiver on speed dial can be a real lifesaver.

Making sure your health and wellness is at its best ensures the quality of the care you provide. Take the break you need and deserve. Contact Home Care Assistance of Caledon at 905-951-8885 today. While we provide hourly care for short periods of respite, we specialize in live-in home care in Caledon, ideal for full-time family caregivers who could use a few days from their caregiving responsibilities. We look forward to hearing from you!