Top Concerns Among the Elderly

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For many seniors, the years after retirement are not always worry-free. Today’s seniors have a number of pressing concerns that can interfere with their physical and mental wellbeing. Understanding these concerns and knowing how to plan for the future can ensure that every senior has what he or she needs to enjoy the golden years.

Affordable Housing

After retirement, seniors may need to adjust their budget to accommodate a fixed income. In some instances, this may mean that a senior must downsize to a more affordable home. With rent rising, seniors who already own their home may also prefer to age in place with help from an elder care agency in Caledon to eliminate the cost of a monthly payment. Families can help seniors with this concern by assisting them with exploring options that will best fit their budget.

Healthcare Costs

During the senior years, healthcare becomes even more important. Yet paying for these costs can quickly drain a senior’s budget. Private health insurance plans, prescription medications, and medical care have all been impacted by inflation, which means that many seniors are saddled with higher rates along with more out-of-pocket expenses. Due to this, many seniors worry about having an unexpected illness or receiving a diagnosis that requires long-term care. Comparing insurance plans is one way to combat rising health care costs. Additionally, encouraging seniors to take care of their health can help reduce the risk of serious illness.

Long-Term Care Needs

The changes that occur with aging can cause seniors to worry about how they will be cared for if they lose their ability to live independently. They often worry about who will take care of them and how much it will cost. Yet, having a plan in place can help to alleviate this anxiety. Since long-term care is often expensive in residential facilities, finding ways to help a senior age in place with the assistance of a caregiver in Caledon can often alleviate both financial and healthcare concerns. 

If your senior parent wishes to age in place, you can make this a reality with help from Home Care Assistance. Our hourly home care is ideal for seniors who need minimal help throughout the week, while our live-in senior care in Caledon ensures around-the-clock safety monitoring and help for seniors with advanced care needs. To learn more about how our in-home care can help, call 905-951-8885 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.