4 Impressive Elderly Artists from Canada

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Creating art offers many benefits, including mental stimulation and increased fine motor skills, and many professional artists across Canada have turned their creativity into careers that are still going strong past age 65. Caledon, ON, in-home elder care professionals have put together a list of 4 inspirational Canadian artists who are still creating in their golden years.

1. Godfrey Stephens

Born in 1939 in Duncan, British Columbia, Stephens is a painter and sculptor who lives an off-the-grid lifestyle and is best known for his grand abstract wooden columns. He has appeared in many newspapers and books, including Wood Storms, Wild Canvas: The Art of Godfrey Stephens, which won the Independent Publisher Book Award. He shies away from galleries and instead features his work in parks, buildings, and various places worldwide, including Victoria’s Times Colonist Press facilities. Stephens’ art, his friends, a sense of humor, and endless energy are what keeps him sharp and drives his passion for creating.

2. Christopher Pratt 

Born in 1935 in Newfoundland, Pratt is a well-known painter and graphic artist. Pratt credits the island where he lives and its culture as having a significant impact on his work. In his paintings, Pratt experiments with human figures, landscapes, boats, and interior spaces. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including at the National Gallery of Canada. Pratt has served on the Board of the Canada Council for the Arts and many other councils and committees throughout his career. He attributes his love for sailing and traveling as inspiration for his work as well as what keeps him thriving through his senior years.

3. Kim Ondaatje

Born in 1928 in Toronto, Ondaatje is a famous painter and photographer whose work will be featured in many famous galleries and museums in 2017, including the Canadian Museum of History and the McMaster Museum of Art. The subjects of her paintings often include interior scenes, landscapes, nature, and industrial scenes. Mainly a visual artist, Ondaatje has also published books of breathtaking photography and directed short documentary pictures. Her love of gardening, animals, and creating are major factors in what keeps her passionate and young at heart. 

4. Tony Scherman 

Born in 1950 in Toronto, Scherman is an award-winning artist known for his hot wax paintings and portraits. He has permanent collections in many art galleries and museums, including the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Glenbow Museum. Painting is what adds pleasure to Scherman’s life, and it also enables him to communicate to his viewers in a unique, personal language. 

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