Overlooked Sources of Elderly Stress

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Common misconceptions about retirement make it easy to overlook the fact that seniors can feel a great deal of stress, and stress can be especially overwhelming for seniors, as it can exacerbate health problems or make it hard to adapt to new living arrangements. While some sources of stress are easy to identify, many Caledon caregivers may not realize the source of their loved one’s anxiety.

Loss of Purpose
Most seniors have lived their entire lives working to support themselves and contributing to society. While some relish retirement and the chance to just do nothing, others struggle with changes to their identity and lifestyle, particularly those who define themselves by what they can contribute.

Loss of a Pet
The loss of a spouse is one of the greatest losses any of us can experience, and this is certainly a major cause of stress among seniors. Still, many people fail to recognize the stress elderly people can experience after the loss of a pet that provided unwavering companionship. In fact, research has found that having a pet reduces stress and blood pressure in elderly people.

Loss of Memory
Seniors who are struggling with memory problems experience a great deal of anxiety as it becomes more and more difficult to recognize loved ones and events. Struggling to remember the names of common objects or place a face can be far more than frustrating. It can also cause a great deal of stress and fear, and may even force some seniors to consider dementia home care.

Loss of Strength and Coordination
Struggling to perform daily tasks that were once as easy as breathing can be a source of great stress among seniors. Many seniors have difficulty adjusting to their body’s new limitations and feel stressed and scared about what the future holds for them.

Caring for an Aging Spouse
Many seniors do not live the easy and carefree retirement they imagined with their spouse. Instead, many struggle to care for an aging spouse while dealing with their own declining health. One study found that seniors who are stressed while taking care of a disabled spouse face higher mortality rates than caregivers who aren’t stressed.

Distance from Family Members
It’s not uncommon for seniors to begin to distance themselves for any number of reasons, including depression, memory problems, and communication difficulties. Seniors who live far from family members are more likely to experience stress and loneliness, as well as feel a sense of abandonment.

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