Foods That Can Help Reduce Senior Fall Risk

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A single slip and fall injury can have a devastating impact on a senior’s overall health and life quality. At this stage of life, broken bones can take an extended amount of time to heal. They can also result in painful infections and a host of other, dangerous issues. In addition to fall-proofing the living environment, caregivers in Caledon can also help senior’s improve balance by adding the right foods to the regular diet.

Improve Balance and Motor Coordination with Resveratrol

Resveratrol, a compound found in dark-skinned fruits such as blueberries, acai berries, and grapes, can have a positive impact on senior balance and overall motor coordination. These fruits can also limit the occurrence of neural cell death. Studies have also shown that resveratrol reduces the negative impacts of dopamine that occur when seniors get stressed.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is surprisingly rich with resveratrol, and this means you can help keep your loved one upright even if he or she isn’t a big fan of dark-skinned fruits. A small square of dark chocolate before a nutritious meal is also believed to help the body better absorb the available nutrients. Dark chocolate-covered blueberries are an excellent treat for seniors, given that they pack a powerful dose of this near-magical nutrient.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another delicious snack that can keep seniors from losing their footing. You can try pairing peanut butter with blueberry or grape jam for a nutritionally potent treat or ramp up the flavor of a dark chocolate square by giving it a generous dollop of this paste. Peanut butter can also be used as a dip for celery sticks or apple slices.


Cranberries are tart, nutrient-rich, and great for promoting optimal bladder health. They are also another potent source of the balance-preserving compound resveratrol. You can serve seniors cranberry juice, jams, or sauce. No matter how cranberries are served, their resveratrol content is not likely to undergo any significant changes.

Aside from encouraging a healthy diet, you can help your senior loved one stay safe with help from Home Care Assistance. As a trusted provider of elder care in Caledon, we offer 24/7 safety monitoring, medication reminders, help with everyday tasks, and companionship. Call our office today at 905-951-8885 to learn more.