Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays

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As a leading provider of home care in Caledon, we know that the holidays can be difficult for seniors who may be grieving a loss or struggling with their changing role in the family. Yet, the winter season is full of possibilities for making a senior feel included in all of the festivities. This year, try a few of these tips for helping your aging loved one get the most out of their holiday while boosting their health and vitality.

Showcase Their Talents

As the younger members of the family take over hosting holiday events, your loved one may feel lost in the flurry of activity. Help lift your loved one’s mood by putting their talents on center stage. For example, a senior who loves flower arranging could create the perfect centerpiece for the holiday table, or a musician could lead the family in a round of holiday carols.

Find Opportunities to Give

Helping others is a wonderful way to lift depression while giving your loved one a sense of purpose. This season, search for ways that your loved one can volunteer. Active seniors may enjoy taking gift baskets to their homebound friends. Those who can knit or quilt can make blankets to be given to shelters in the community. Giving to others during this time of year can help to revitalize the holiday spirit in every member of the family.

Involve the Kids

Senior adults and children bring out the best in each other, and bringing them together can help to spark some excitement for the holidays. This year, plan an activity that can become a new tradition for the family such as building a gingerbread house together. Window painting, reading favorite stories and baking a favorite recipe are a few more ideas that can be done by people of all ages.

Assist with the Details

During the holidays, simple tasks may be complicated by seasonal preparations. For example, seniors may struggle with grocery shopping in a crowded store, or they may be unable to get out of the house during a heavy snow. Check with your loved one regularly to identify if they have any needs. By making sure they have groceries and are able to get to their medical appointments, you will be able to keep up their health so that they have the energy to truly enjoy the upcoming family events. And for families that are unable to assist personally, consider Caledon hourly care in which a professional caregiver can assist with daily activities at home and also provide transportation for errands and medical appointments on an as-needed basis.

Ensure that your loved one enjoys this wonderful time of year with family and friends by providing them with the support they need. For more information about in-home care services, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Caledon. We offer flexible hourly and 24 hour care for seniors in Caledon and surrounding communities and are available 24/7 to answer questions or simply have a conversation. Call 905-951-8885 – we look forward to hearing from you!