Popular Holiday Scams That Target the Elderly

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Unfortunately, seniors are often the target of holiday scams that are designed to take advantage of their caring nature. For this reason, Caledon elder care agencies encourage people to be especially vigilant during this time of year, even if you already have strategies in place for avoiding fraud. Since many of these scams originally come off as legitimate, it is important to be aware of them so that you can quickly respond to the warning signs.

Weather-Related Home and Auto Services

When seasonal weather hits, it is common to experience a flurry of contractors calling and knocking at the door offering the best prices on repairs. However, scammers have been targeting seniors by offering similar services, yet the repair work is never completed, or they later ask for much more than the quoted price. Seniors should be wary of any solicitors or prices that seem extremely low, and it is important to do research to make sure the selected company is a reputable one.

Charity Requests

Giving is a highlight of the holiday season. Sadly, scammers will try to take advantage of a senior’s generous nature. Technology has now made it easy for scammers to personalize requests for money by researching a senior’s background. Emails and phone calls containing a desperate request from a long-distance family member are popular scams, and many scammers take on the appearance of a popular charity. To avoid falling prey, seniors should always double check that a family member is actually in need by contacting them or another loved one personally. Additionally, seniors should stick to known organizations and reach out themselves if they plan to give to charity groups.

Pay Now Sales Scams

When a senior struggles with holiday shopping, door-to-door offers and telemarketers may be a tempting method for getting gifts for their loved ones. However, scammers sometimes use these methods to pressure sell to seniors, and offer a huge discount for buying right away. Once they have a senior’s credit card information or cash, they never deliver the items that were promised. Families should warn their loved one to never give their financial information over the phone and to avoid paying cash without immediately receiving the product. Making sure that seniors have transportation and help from a Caledon caregiver to go shopping can also add another layer of protection against fraud.

Your senior loved one’s safety is important year-round, not just during the holiday season. Find out more about promoting his or her wellbeing by reaching out to Home Care Assistance of Caledon at 905-951-8885. We are known for our hourly and live-in home care in Caledon and also offer comprehensive care for seniors with advanced conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Call today. We are here to help.