The Importance of Purpose in the Lives of Senior Adults

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Purpose of life starts with a natural desire to achieve goals such as learning how to crawl before advancing to walking and continues to provide an incentive for achieving future goals as we age. Some senior adults, however, need some encouragement to redefine their purpose of life, especially as routines change over time. With recent research suggesting that maintaining a clear purpose of life may contribute to longevity, there’s an added incentive for seniors to find renewed purpose as they enter their golden years.

A Reason to Look Forward to Each Day

At Home Care Assistance of Caledon, we believe purpose of life starts with having something to look forward to each day. For seniors making the transition from a life full of daily tasks to one where there’s more time to fill, establishing a new daily routine can provide renewed focus centered around activities that may include:

  • Visiting a local senior center
  • Tackling odd jobs around the house
  • Finding enjoyable hobbies
  • Volunteering
  • Taking classes

An Added Incentive to Stay Healthy

Senior adults who have goals to achieve or productive things to do tend to make more of an effort to stay healthy. Seniors who volunteer, for example, may feel an added sense of urgency to take care of their own health needs so that they’re available to help others.

Improving Cognitive Abilities

For seniors driven to learn new skills, retaining purpose of life may also boost cognitive abilities. If seniors happen to find enjoyment from pursuing activities centered on learning, they’re also more likely to retain thinking, learning and processing abilities, which may help ward off some dementia-related conditions.

Maintaining an active life, while certainly an important part of purpose of life, is only part of the equation. Purpose of life also includes the personal incentives seniors have for doing what they do, whether it be wanting to learn new skills or simply to be an important source of support and guidance for family members and friends. For more information about purposeful senior living, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Caledon at 905-951-8885 and don’t forget to ask about our Balanced Care Method which highlights the importance of helping our clients find purpose in the golden years!