New Seniors’ Mental Health Initiative Launched

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The Canadian Public Health Agency, Canadian Coalition for Senior Mental Health (CCSMH), and online pharmaceutical retailer Shopper’s Drug Mart have teamed up to form the Seniors’ Mental Health Initiative that aims to identify mental health issues amongst Canada’s senior population and ensure all those involved in senior care have easier access to resources and relevant information.

Through the initiative, pharmacists will be provided educational modules on suicide prevention as well as the signs of depression in hopes they’ll be able to effectively identify mental disabilities in the senior population. Additional assistance will come in the form of informational materials, lists of practicing mental health providers, and continuing education for senior care providers in Caledon and throughout Canada. At present, two brochures have been created indicating the signs and early symptoms of depression.

In previous studies, the CCSMH found that nearly twenty percent of seniors in Canada experience some form of mental disability, with depression among those 65 and older identified as a common problem.

Most mental health professionals understand that early identification of symptoms is the key to effective treatment. Since many seniors are not as active as they once were, the circle of individuals able to assess their mental state is smaller. Proper education for those with direct interpersonal contact with seniors is the first step in getting appropriate and effective treatment. Long treated as ancillary to physical ailments, bringing mental health to the forefront can only provide a happier, more productive senior population in Canada.

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