Top Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Canada

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No matter one’s age, spending time outdoors is crucial in maintaining a happy, balanced life. Enjoying time outdoors allows adults to get necessary amount of vitamin D while lowering stress levels and reducing the risk of depression. Outdoor activities also encourage aging adults to stay active and social, which is beneficial physically, emotionally and mentally.

Aging adults living in Caledon who may need assistance during daily outings can take advantage of the hourly or live-in senior care services provided by Home Care Assistance. A care companion can arrange regular outings while monitoring the safety of your aging loved one and providing social engagement. Here are some of our favorite outdoor adventures for aging adults in Caledon.

  • Outdoor theater or concerts. Ontario is home to plenty of outdoor plays, song fests and productions. Many are free and are performed by local singers, dancers, and bands. Another option is attending a drive-in movie. Just be sure to supply comfortable seating and plenty of blankets for added warmth.
  • Go on a picnic and play simple yard games. Go to a local park with home-cooked picnic foods and play easy games such as horseshoes, beanbag or ring toss. Simple games will allow everyone, even senior adults, to feel included.
  • Go berry, apple or pumpkin picking. Picking fresh fruits or vegetables is a fun way to spend the day, especially when you have the help of a culinary-trained Caledon caregiver who can prepare the delicious foods once you return home. Visit for a list of local farms and orchards that are ripe for the picking!
  • Miniature golf or putting. A Caledon Home Care Assistance caregiver can help arrange a trip to a nearby putting green or could even set up a mini course in the yard for some afternoon fun. If your aging loved one struggles with mobility or standing for long periods of time, this game can be easily modified to play from a wheelchair. Swinging a club and spending time outdoors is a fun source of senior-friendly exercise.
  • Plant a garden. Watching the vegetables or flowers grow certainly cheers the spirit and gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Gardening boxes can also be elevated to table height for someone in a wheelchair or for aging adults who have difficulty bending and kneeling.
  • Birdwatching. This is a very popular and easy hobby and gives an ongoing reason to study different birds and identify their songs. Take a notebook, pen, binoculars and a camera to catalog the different species you find. Spending time and energy to focus and learn about different types of animals helps to stimulate the aging mind, which can slow cognitive decline and boost quality of life.

If your aging loved one could use help arranging regular outdoor fun, call Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of home care in Caledon, at 905-951-8885. Our compassionate care companions are happy to accompany aging adults on outdoor excursions to ensure they’re safe and supervised while allowing them to exercise independence.