Reasons Your Loved One Refuses to See the Doctor

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One of the most frustrating ordeals that caregivers endure is the refusal of their loved ones to go to the doctor. Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of Caledon in-home care, shares a few reasons that older adults may not want to attend their physician appointments, and some excuses may be surprising.

  • Fear – Seniors may skip medical appointments as a way to protect themselves from receiving devastating news. For instance, a senior may notice changes in physical abilities and put off a regular doctor appointment to avoid a diagnosis of a related condition such as arthritis.
  • Loss of Control – It is very difficult for elderly adults who were once in command of their families and working lives to suddenly become dependent on the children whom they raised. Refusing to go to the doctor at the bidding of their child may simply be an outward act aimed to show everyone that they are still in control.
  • Paranoia – Altered perceptions may lead some seniors to believe that their family members or other caregivers are plotting against them, and going to the doctor may be perceived as a part of a malicious trick. This is particularly common with seniors in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related conditions.
  • Finances – Most older adults live on a fixed income, and they may fear that going to the doctor will cost them more than what they can afford. Seniors may also worry that they will receive a diagnosis during their appointment that will end up draining their finances. Surgery, expensive medication regimens, and diabetic testing equipment and supplies are all very costly, but necessary for patients who need them.

By understanding some of the reasons why your loved one is refusing to see his or her doctor, you can better create solutions to encourage medical appointment attendance. Remember to be patient, and to approach each conversation with your loved one as if you were in his or her shoes. This can help show your loved one you are there to provide encouragement and support, not to force his or her hand.

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