Fun Things Seniors Can Do in Retirement

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Retirement can be a mixed blessing for seniors. On one hand, there’s something to be said for well-deserved free time. On the other hand, there’s the question of what to do with all that extra free time, especially for seniors used to a busy schedule. The key to enjoying retirement is to develop an active lifestyle that includes activities like the following to fill time while providing some positive mental and physical benefits.

Adopt New Technology

There is no age limit on learning how to use social media platforms or exploring the many different features on a smartphone or table device. Not only does this give seniors some exciting new ways to communicate, research suggests that learning new skills can also help improve brain function.

Learn a New Life Skill

Caledon senior care experts suggest retired seniors take the time to learn something new. Learning a new skill can benefit seniors in other ways beyond knowing how to make an amazing soufflé. For instance, activities like baking can help with basic comprehension, and learning to sew or quilt requires memory skills to recall what pattern or stitch comes next.

Take an Art Classes

Any type of art class, whether it’s pottery or oil painting, can help seniors with things like manual dexterity and mental sharpness. Seniors can also use art classes as a way to socialize and form new friendships with fellow art lovers. Studies suggest that socialization plays an important role in the psychological and physical wellness of seniors, providing another incentive to pick up a brush or mold some clay.


Any form of dancing can provide a fun, engaging way to maintain mobility with age. Dancing can also improve memory and help stave off dementia, reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance, as well as decrease depression and improve cardiovascular health.

Play Interactive Games

Interactive games, ranging from sports simulations like golf and tennis to yoga and fitness instruction, can give seniors something to do while offering a fun way to get some exercise, too. Taking part in such games is also a great way for seniors to stay actively involved with their children and grandchildren. Moreover, research shows seniors who play video games see improvement in overall mental functioning. 

Finding fun ways for your senior loved one to stay mentally, physically, and socially stimulated in retirement is key to enjoying this stage of life. If you’re concerned about your loved one during the transition, consider part-time hourly care in Caledon. A friendly and compassionate caregiver can provide transportation, engage in stimulating discussions, and offer support and companionship. To learn more, call Home Care Assistance at 905-951-8885 and schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation.