Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults

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It is well known that exercise not only offers physical benefits, but is an activity that can help support good mental health. Seniors who get the right amount of physical activity each week can improve their overall fitness, boost energy levels and reduce the chances of depression. Not getting enough physical activity on the other hand can be detrimental to one’s health, leading to the development of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and certain types of cancers.

Although it is important for seniors to add physical activity to their daily routines, there are certain guidelines that must be followed to ensure safety. Seniors who have not participated in physical activities for extended periods of time should ease into new routines so they do not become overworked and get the most out of their exercise experience.

As the Caledon live-in care experts, we recommend that older adults over the age of 65 engage in muscle strengthening activities a couple days each week. Exercises can include work with resistance bands and lifting light weights. Because these types of exercises help make muscles stronger, promote bone health and increase balance, seniors can also enjoy a reduced risk for falls.

Senior care professionals in Caledon also advise seniors to get a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobics throughout the week. Contrary to popular belief, aerobic activities don’t have to be strenuous and can be as simple as going for a walk, marching in place or even walking up and down the stairs of one’s home. Depending on the intensity of one’s aerobic workout, a warm-up and cool-down may be necessary. This will help prepare the body for exercise and then can help the blood to circulate properly afterwards.

Seniors who are new to exercise or those who are living with a chronic condition should also perform exercises under the supervision of a family caregiver. The family member can ensure overall safety and make sure that exercises are being performed correctly, reducing the risk for injuries such as sprained muscles. And if a family member is unable to assist, consider hiring a professional in-home caregiver in Caledon. These individuals are highly trained and can encourage daily physical exercise for the senior, while also assisting with other household chores and personal care needs.

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