Things to Do When Taking a Break from Your Caregiving Duties

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Family caregivers often wish they had more time in the day, and respite care is an option that opens up a few free hours to focus on other needs. While time off is essential for preventing burnout, many caregivers have difficulty trying to figure out what to do with their free time. Here are a few things you can do when taking a break from your caregiving duties.

Attend Support Group Meetings

As a caregiver, you may sometimes feel like you are alone. However, there are many people performing roles similar to yours throughout your community. Search online or check the local senior center to find a caregiver support group in your area. In these meetings, you will find people who understand exactly what you are going through, and they may even have advice for handling many common caregiving challenges.

Hiring professional caregivers is one of the best ways family members can take a break from their caregiving duties. When researching home care providers, Brampton, ON, families are usually looking for flexible care plans, compassionate and highly trained caregivers, and 24/7 availability. Whether your family needs respite care to take a break from your caregiving duties or your senior loved one needs around-the-clock assistance at home, you can rely on Home Care Assistance.

Spend Time in Nature

Caregivers often spend many hours staying at home to take care of their loved one’s needs. You need a little sunshine every day to boost your mood and increase your vitamin D intake. Consider heading to the park for a walk or starting a backyard garden. Enjoying some time in a green space promotes greater relaxation.

Focus on Your Own Health Needs

When helping your loved one manage his or her health, you may have neglected your own wellbeing. Now is the time to schedule your annual physical to address any health issues you may be experiencing. Your loved one depends on you to stay healthy so you can care for him or her.

Visit a Cherished Friend

With so much talk about seniors becoming isolated, it’s easy to forget caregivers also tend to get separated from their friends. It can be difficult to maintain a social life when you have been so busy trying to stay on top of your responsibilities. The good news is that your decision to take a break opens up time for things like lunch dates.

Caring for a senior loved one can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming for family caregivers who have other responsibilities they need to focus on. For these families, the perfect solution is respite care. Brampton families rely on our caregivers whenever they need time to rest, work, run errands, and even go on vacation.  

Tackle a Household Chore

While organizing your house may not feel like much of a break, arranging things in order may offer peace of mind. Knocking tasks off your to-do list may provide a sense of accomplishment. Keep in mind you don’t have to do it all in one day either. Try organizing a drawer in your dresser to discover what a difference feeling organized makes.

Whether you need help caring for a senior loved one or some time off from your caregiving duties, consider hiring a professional caregiver. Find out how a Brampton, ON, caregiver can help your senior loved one enjoy a higher quality of life by reaching out to Home Care Assistance. All of our professional respite and live-in caregivers are trained in comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke care, and they can also assist seniors with basic daily tasks like exercise, cooking, bathing, and light housekeeping. To learn about our high-quality in-home care plans, give us a call at 905-951-8885 today.