Summer Fun for Seniors: How To Stay Active

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If you know an older adult that tends to lounge all day in front of the television, encourage them to get out and about and enjoy the summer sunshine while it lasts!

Physical activity, even in small doses, can do wonders for an aging adult’s sense of well-being and physical resilience. It keeps bones and muscles strong, and fights the symptoms of depression. An active senior is a healthy and happy senior. If you’re not sure which activities are appropriate for your aging loved one, Home Care Assistance of Caledon presents three activities that nearly anyone can do to have fitness and fun at the same time:

  • Swimming – Summer is the best time to go swimming. When it’s hot out, a cool swimming pool feels wonderful and refreshing, and can engender the motivation to loosen up those muscles. Many seniors like to swim a few laps each week or dabble in water aerobics with friends. Spending time in the water is also a great way to enjoy cardiovascular benefits without having to fight gravity. It’s particularly useful as a form of exercise for older adults who suffer from sore joints or general frailty.
  • Walking – Who said physical activity has to be strenuous? Going for a daily walk can be enough to promote physical and emotional wellness. And the great thing about walking is that it is cheap and easy, doesn’t require any special equipment, and it packs a ton of health benefits. Seniors who walk enjoy reduced risk for diabetes and high blood pressure, stronger bones, lifted moods and improved balance and coordination. The old Greek physician Hippocrates once said that walking is the best medicine. He was absolutely right.
  • Dancing – Going dancing makes for a great workout because it doesn’t even feel like exercise. Dancing is a fantastic mood-booster, an excuse to be social, and a way to maximize stamina, flexibility and strength all at once. For many seniors, there’s nothing quite so inspiring and emotionally satisfying as whirling about to the tunes of their youth. Some studies even report that dancing can help prevent the onset of cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s because of the concentration and mental sharpness it takes to step to the beat.

Before starting any exercise regimen, seniors should consult with their doctor or primary care physician. An elder care professional can evaluate your loved one’s current abilities, offering recommendations for activities as well as information about safe exercise practices.

If your aging loved one could use a little motivation to get moving, contact Home Care Assistance today. Our caregivers are available for live-in and hourly home care in Caledon and can provide support and encouragement to seniors who are starting an exercise regimen. With a Home Care Assistance caregiver by your loved one’s side, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the highest level of quality care is being provided. Learn the many other benefits of hiring a professional in-home caregiver by calling 905-951-8885 today. Our Care Managers are available to answer questions 24/7.