Learn About the Lives of the 4 Oldest Living Canadians

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By the year 2021, Statistics Canada believes there will be approximately 11,100 Canadians aged 100 and older, with this number potentially growing to 14,800 by 2026. Living to be a centenarian is expected to become more common, and many people are curious about the possible reasons behind such an accomplishment. Caledon elder home care experts discuss the lives of 4 exceptional seniors who are currently the oldest living people in Canada.

1. Ellen “Dolly” Gibb

Gibb is a 111-year-old mother of 2. She was born on April 26, 1905, and currently lives in North Bay. In her teens, she worked at Eaton’s creating fashion accessories like flowers from silk ribbons. Gibb is also famous for the incredible afghan blankets she crocheted for her family. She lived independently until she was 100 years old, but she now resides with one of her daughters. Her family credits her longevity to a balanced diet, an occasional dessert, and good genetics. Even though Gibb now needs to use a wheelchair, she remains in good overall health and keeps her mind alert by watching Jeopardy daily.

2. Louise-Anna Turcotte

Born on September 5, 1905, Turcotte is a remarkable senior who resides in Ontario. Turcotte had 3 daughters with her first husband, who passed away in 1962, and her oldest daughter is also deceased. Her passion in her younger years was being a homemaker and taking care of her daughters, who now lovingly tend to her care needs. Turcotte credits her longevity to her strong faith, eating well, and being positive.

3. Cecilia Laurent

Laurent, who was born on January 31, 1896, is an amazing 120-year-old senior who currently lives in Laval, Quebec. This mother of 6 kids was a market seller and had a passion and talent for turning fabric into clothes and dolls. Laurent loves to have fun and laughs with everyone, which she claims is partly responsible for keeping her young at heart. She also attributes her longevity to her faith and a healthy diet of mashed corn, fruit, and chicken. 

4. Maude Mingo

Mingo was born on July 2, 1906, and currently lives in Hamilton with her grandson. She is one of 10 children and was raised by her godparents. When she was younger, this hardworking mother of 3 took in boarders and ran her own bakery. Mingo was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1998 and is now bedridden. Her family and caregivers now take care of her. She credits her longevity to homemade cooking, a close-knit family, and a lot of love.

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