5 Reasons Alzheimer’s Caregivers Should Use Post-it Notes

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There are several tools available to help families care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. However, you may not realize something as simple as Post-it notes can be extremely useful for Alzheimer’s caregivers. If you have these sticky notes somewhere in your house, you can use them to manage your caregiving duties. Here are 5 ways using Post-it notes can help you provide better care for your elderly loved one.

1. Provide Simple Directions for Tasks

Seniors with Alzheimer’s sometimes remember to do things such as get dressed in the morning, but they may forget to put on their socks before their shoes. You can remedy this concern by writing down the instructions for tasks your loved one does independently. By writing instructions on Post-it notes, you can remind your loved one how to use the television remote, feed the dogs, prepare breakfast, and much more.

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2. Help Seniors Use Technology

Keeping up with passwords or trying to figure out how to turn on the computer can become difficult for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. Jot down the password to your loved one’s social media account, and place it under the keyboard or another spot where only he or she knows to look for. Alternatively, you can use a sticky note on the back of your loved one’s phone to give him or her notes on how to make important phone calls.

3. Work with Other Caregivers

It is always important to communicate with your loved one’s other caregivers to ensure continuity of care. Take a pad of Post-it notes and place it in a prominent area of the house so you can leave notes regarding your loved one’s mood and preferred activities for the day. You can also use sticky notes to manage medication by having each caregiver make a note every time they remind your loved one to take a dose.

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4. Highlight Essential Areas of the Home

Post-it notes come in bright, eye-catching colors that may draw your loved one’s attention to the places he or she needs to go. For instance, you can place a sticky note above the sink to remind your loved one to wash his or her hands after using the bathroom. Alternatively, you can label the kitchen cabinets and drawers with what each one contains so your loved one can easily prepare a meal.

5. Create a Checklist System

Use Post-its to create a checklist to manage your loved one’s daily activities. Simply write tasks your loved one does independently on the sticky notes, and place them in order in a common location such as the refrigerator. Have your loved one remove each note as each task is accomplished.

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