5 Reasons Aging Adults Should Quit Eating Meat

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In the past few decades, the average rate of meat consumption has dropped. More and more people are beginning to realize it’s possible to enjoy a satisfying and healthy vegetarian diet. There are many different reasons to quit eating meat, including ethical concerns, health conditions, and personal preferences. Seniors who avoid meat may gain the following benefits.

1. Save Money

The cost difference between meat and other forms of protein is significant. Even cheaper cuts of meat cost approximately twice as much as the same amount of beans. Seniors who want to budget for other expenses can greatly reduce their grocery bill by avoiding meat.

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2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Following a plant-based diet can make it easier for seniors to maintain a healthy weight. Meat is high in fat and protein, so it tends to have far more calories than vegetables, grains, beans, and seeds. Plant-based foods are low in calories, and they keep seniors full for longer. Since obesity makes seniors more likely to develop heart disorders, diabetes, and arthritis, a vegetarian diet can be useful in preventing many dangerous health conditions.

3. Preserve the Environment

Seniors who want to leave behind a healthy and functional environment for their descendants can do a lot by cutting back on meat. The production of meat is currently one of the largest causes of environmental waste. Animal agriculture produces large quantities of greenhouse gases, and the process of manufacturing animal feed is fairly inefficient. It takes over 2,400 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef, and making the same amount of tofu only uses 244 gallons.

4. Protect the Heart

In general, vegetarians are 25 percent less likely to die from heart disease. Reducing meat intake boosts heart health. People who don’t eat meat aren’t consuming as much saturated fat, so their cholesterol levels are lower. The higher fiber and omega-3 fatty acid levels present in nuts, grains, beans, and other popular vegetarian foods further reduce heart disease risk.

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5. Reduce Cancer Risks

Vegetarians have lower rates of cancer because they tend to eat more plant-based foods and avoid meat. Red meat is a potentially carcinogenic substance that is linked to higher rates of colon cancer. Seniors who eat more fruits and vegetables have even lower chances of getting cancer because fresh produce is loaded with antioxidants that reduce general inflammation and cellular damage.

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